Therapy Centre back in business

Most of our health practitioners are now back, and once again providing a wide range of on-line and face-to-face consultations and treatments. Providing Covid levels continue to fall, those others still shielding are set to return soon.

Accompanying the full re-opening of the centre, we have a new website, with a search facility making it easy to find therapists who practice specific methods or deal with specific issues.  Another new feature is a gallery of photos from the local parks we’ve all learned to cherish during the pandemic.

We don’t know the long term effects of the pandemic on people’s mental and physical health, but it is likely to be considerable.  People are having to deal with isolation, exhaustion, economic uncertainty, anxiety and loss in a way they may not have experienced before, and may have made difficult decisions over relationships, careers and their children. Together with the physical impact of delayed physical health treatments and Covid itself, it has caused huge upheaval.

The Therapy and Wellbeing Centre opened in May 2014 following a three year eco retrofit of a disused GP surgery, showcasing different low carbon building methods and materials.  Using renewable energy, mostly generated by the site itself, we see healing the planet and healing those who live on it, as two sides of the same coin.

Close to shops, restaurants and parks, with good public transport links and ideal for cyclists, this well-equipped and stylish building has proved a popular location for health professionals and their clients. Its calm, quiet ambience so close to a busy road junction, and avoidance of toxic materials have also helped.

Therapists and health professionals share consulting rooms, working from 2 hours to 4 days a week.  They are all members of registered with professional bodies.  They manage their own bookings, so please approach them directly.

We welcome you to the Eco Offices …

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